Eli Stone


January 31, 2008


George Michael’s contributions to pop culture didn’t end at music. He was also an integral part ABC’s Eli Stone. The first episode was aired on January 2008 and George was prominently featured in this American legal comedy-drama TV series which lasted two seasons. The show’s creators, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim shared their memories of George.

“George was a singular talent,” Guggenheim told. “He had a gift for music that only comes along once in a generation. It was just a bonus that he happened to be one of the nicest, most genuine people you could meet. Many of my fondest memories of the Eli Stone experience are associated with him. George was such a class act.”

“I’ve only witnessed true genius a few times in my life. One of those was watching George Michael lay down Feeling Good for Eli Stone,” Berlanti declared. “He was an incredible talent and even more a sweet, kind man to all lucky enough to work with or spend time around him.”