Sony Music UK

November 17, 2003


George Michael signed a new worldwide recording deal with the U.K. arm of Sony Music. A Sony spokesperson declined to comment on terms of the deal. In 2004, during Patience’s promotion, George commented on the subject.

There are three reasons he kissed and made up with Sony. The business practices he fought against — complicated stuff about money earned per record sold, the length of contractual obligations, and artists being treated as software — are now common across an increasingly merged industry; there has been a change in personnel at the top of Sony in America; and finally, he says with a satisfied leer.

“They gave me the best deal I’ve ever seen in my fucking life, which made it a much easier pill to swallow.”

Does he feel defeated? As if.

“I swear to God the business isn’t worth feeling that way about. I have principles but I don’t believe in empty gestures.”

Can he put a figure on the deal?

“No! What do you think my name is?”

He smirks.

“And I’m not gonna say what comes after that, it’s obvious.”