a message from George’s sisters

Hello Everyone,

Melanie & Yioda here, just wanted to say a few words…

Our family, and good friends, are all still struggling with the reality that our beautiful Yog is no longer here with us, although we still feel his love.

We hope that, as private a family as we have always been (and will remain), that you know we hear you, through your amazing and thoughtful messages and that you understand our loss, as we try to understand yours.

We believe that through all the “debris”, Yogs fans, his ‘lovelies’ all around the world, know who he truly was, and is, after shared decades of music, love, and humour.

Our aim is to carry on, as we know Yog would have wanted, to share and enjoy his precious legacy and to continue to bring you joy – through his extraordinarily beautiful music.

David, along with Yogs loyal creative team, will continue bringing you all the projects they had been working so hard on for you, exactly as Yog would have wanted…

We promise we will always try to honour him by staying true to his ambitions and his intentions.

We thank you all for your really fantastic loyal support which has been genuinely appreciated, it has helped us all so much.

Jack, Yioda, Melanie & David

…and Yog, Lesley & Anselmo… smiling down, and all together…