Memories of George Michael

Some of the biggest names in music, fashion and art share their thoughts on the singer whose music and generosity touched so many people across the world

Paul McCartney

‘Having worked with him on a number of occasions, his great talent always shone through and his self-deprecating sense of humour made the experience even more pleasurable.’

Stevie Wonder

‘George is in the category of many of us who have been blessed with the gift of music.’


‘I found him to be one of the truest icons, because famous people often create this massive bravado to protect themselves, but for him it wasn’t based on a look or an assumption.’

Linda Evangelista

‘One of my favourite times with Georgie was seeing Prince in concert in London — from the sound booth — and dancing the entire time! Georgie was a dazzling and compassionate soul who I will always remember as he was on the day when we met: with a precocious smile and sense of adventure. Thank you for the love, Georgie.’

Tracey Emin

‘There are certain songs that you could ask just George to sing and it would make people cry, just the resonance of his voice.’


Sam Smith

‘For me, he was a megastar, but he was so human. I love that about him… In interviews he would say the wrong things but he was so flawed in such a beautiful way… He sent me flowers once… and I cried my eyes out.’

Whitney Houston

‘George Michael five or six, seven years on from… Wham!, was totally different. He grew up and became this phenomenon that talked about things that people really want to talk about.’

Robbie Williams

‘I was equal parts inspired and terrified, not of George, but of the prospect of trying to be something like George… When he arrived on stage, whether it be rehearsing or doing the actual performance, you were in the presence of such a magnetic personality, such charisma… And of course, his music will last for ever. His music is eternal. He inspired in a lot of different ways. I just thought he was a god.’

Mariah Carey

‘I was looking at him, [and thinking], “Wow that would be the ultimate goal, if I could do what he is doing”.’

Mark Ronson

‘When you hear something like [Freedom ’90], you know that his music is going to continue to mean something to people for as long as it’s heard.’

Naomi Campbell

‘The man with the golden, angelic voice.’

Mary J. Blige

‘George Michael’s voice was always very soulful, and very warm and sultry and urgent. He had soul. Period.’

Cindy Crawford

‘His bravery inspired us all.’

Martin Kemp

‘George was one of the world’s nicest people you could ever want to meet. He was so generous, not just financially with his friends, but emotionally. And he would sit and listen and you could talk to him for hours about anything or anyone. He was the most caring person… we miss him so much.’

Elton John

‘The kindest, most generous soul and a brilliant artist.’